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George Washington Inauguration Bicentennial 1989 25c Stamp #2414

1989 George Washington Bicentennial 25cents Stamp

Scott #2414 Masonic First Day Cover

As our first President placed his hand upon the St. John’s Lodge Bible, Chancellor Robert R. Livingston, administered the oath. Among those present were Masons Richard Henry Lee, Henry Knox, Arthur St. Clair, Baron Von

Steuben, Frederick Muhlenberg, and George Clinton. Even the suit the President wore was made of cloth woven at Mason Samuel Hinsdale’s mill in Hartford. ~From the First Day Cover text

This commemorative stamp was issued at Mount Vernon, Virginia to honor the bicentennial of the executive branch of the U.S. government. The bicentennial event on April 16, 1989 included a reenactment of Washington’s trip from Mount Vernon to New York City for his inauguration. The model for this stamp was a bronze statue of Washington located at the Federal Hall National Memorial in New York City at the site of the first inauguration.

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